The terroir brings style, grape variety the silhouette, and the Vintner the spirit to the wine. Therefore there are many Muscadets.

For VGC, Véronique Günther Chéreau, being winemaker is a family affair. Each new generation is driven by the same ambition: transforming what the nature gives us into an exceptional Muscadet!

Our success comes from our three production sites:
the Château du Coing
the Château de la Gravelle
the Grand Fief de la Cormeraie
With this diversity of terroir, our passion and our know-how we can offer you a wide range of high quality Muscadet.

You are happy to share with you, through our website our passion for our winery, our vineyards, our wines and our secrets…

⚠️ Fermeture 15 août
⚠️ Attention ! Le Château du Coing ferme ses portes le jeudi 15 août pour l'Assomption ⚠️